St. Catherine of Sweden

St. Catherine of Sweden, pray for us!

March 24th is the feast day of St. Catherine of Sweden, the daughter of St. Bridget of Sweden. St. Catherine of Sweden was born in the early 14th century in Motala. At the age of seven she was sent to live in an abbey to be educated, and to foster her love for God.

When she was thirteen it was arranged by her father for her to marry a German nobleman named Egard. He was a deeply religious man who agreed to take a perpetual vow of chastity with her. They lived a rich spiritual life together, helping each other to grow in virtue. They were known for their charitable service to others.

After her husband and mother died she became the head of the Order of the Holy Savior, a convent founded by her mother. She also promoted her mother’s canonization and became friends with Catherine of Siena.

She is usually pictured with lilies to represent her chastity and a red deer to protect her purity. She was canonized in the 15th century by Pope Innocent the VIII.

She is the patron saint for women who have suffered miscarriages, and for protection against miscarriage.

Prayer to St. Catherine of Sweden for Healing and Consolation After a Miscarriage

Dear Saint Catherine, patron of those who have suffered a miscarriage, you know the dangers that await unborn infants.

Please intercede for me that I may receive healing from the loss I have suffered. 
My soul has been deprived of peace and I have forgotten what true happiness is.

As I mourn the loss of my child, I place myself in the hands of God and ask for strength to accept His will in all things, for consolation in my grief, and for peace in my sorrow.

Glorious Saint Catherine, hear my prayers and ask that God, in good time, grant me a healthy baby who will become a true child of God.


Prayer to St. Catherine of Sweden for a Healthy Pregnancy and for Avoiding Miscarriage

Dear Saint Catherine, you know the temptations of mothers today as well as the dangers that await unborn infants.

Intercede for me that I may avoid miscarriage and bring forth a healthy baby who will become a true child of God.

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank and praise You for the gift of all human life.
I am most especially grateful for the new life within my womb – the unborn child forming deep within me.

Through the prayers of Mary, Mother of Jesus, and the intercession of Saint Catherine of Sweden, I beg You to watch over and protect this little one inside my womb.

In Jesus’ Name.


St. Catherine of Sweden

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